Number 8 & number 32 completed!

wow - I seriously need to check my list more often so I can stay on track!

Number 8 - attend a football game!
Marc and I went to a Seahawks last weekend - this was my first time attending a pro game! I blogged about it here.
I am still using my old, OLD laptop so I have no pictures.

And Marc and I went bowling for the first time! I didn't make it over 100 on either game but we still had a lot of fun. We will probably make it more of a habit to go! :)

#18 - Run 5 miles - COMPLETED!

I did it! I ran my first 5 miles in under 50 minutes! I set a new personal record of running 3 miles at a 9:31 pace - I have never been able to do this before! Here is my original post. I am stoked!

#84 - Participate in 30 times - in progress

Since we were in Victoria BC, Canada this past weekend I thought it was a perfect time to post some operation beautiful notes! My first 2 of 30!
I posted both of these in the Grand Pacific hotel lobby bathroom on two different occasions:

#73 - Creat my own domain name for my food blog - completed!

It was super simple thanks to my girl Lesley! is now! I had to pay a very small fee (10 bucks) and I am now the proud owner of my own site! And anyone can do it - click the settings button, then publishing and you can have your blog be it's own WWW. How cool is that! ;)

#17 Attend 15 spinning classes - in progress


Today I participated in my first spinning class! It was intense hour of blood pumping, sweat dripping and leg burning - I loved it! The class is welcome to anyone at my gym and with a class on the schedule 6 times a week, I know I will go a lot more. Unfortunately I stayed up way to late last night working on my food blog and now I am totally wiped out! I want to lay down and sleep but little Baby J is crawling around like a mad man! :)

#2 Get fitted for running shoes - completed!

Finally! A pair of running shoes that actually fit me correctly! I bought the Brooks Adrenaline - super light, breathable fabric and a wide comfy fit. Finally a shoe that doesn't hurt my feet! I even bought a pair of lycra socks and I had a great run tonight. :)

#99 - Post 5 links to other 101 blogs - completed!

Nothing to really report about this one but I must admit I LOVE reading other blogs and learning from their experiences! Check out my blog list on the right - it grows everyday.
And if you want your blog listed just leave me a comment :)

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